Green Rich

Green Rich Eco Lodges ,Camps and Resorts is an earnest endeavour to promote eco-tourism, allowing you to explore nature and everything within, at your own pace. With eco-friendly lodging designed to blend in with the flora, fauna, ecology, people and culture unique to each destination, Lemon Grass Eco Lodges, Camps and Resorts is a fine camping ground for the adventure traveler and the nature lover alike.The Camp has its own kitchen and will provide you with delicious ethnic food and a barbequed dinner on order. The large Gazebo with its inbuilt fire place for camp fires and comfortable camp chairs is the favourite meeting place to swap stories or spend a quiet day reading or just relaxing.

Hornbill camp

Hornbill camp at Thattekkad near Kochi, is so located, to perfectly blend into the forest, so you can enjoy your own private jungle and the spectacular view of the river Periyar. Along its banks, birds flock in their thousands and the cool ambience is the ultimate prize for the birder. Known as the Birder's Paradise, the camp and the adjoining Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, is home to over 270 species of birds, including all the endemics. Mottled Wood Owl Spot-bellied Eagle Owl Malayan Night Heron, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Rusty-tailed Flycatcher, Grey-headed Bulbul, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon are some of the rarer species found here.

Anaerangal Camp

The Anaerangal Camp is located on a mountain side overlooking the famed Anaerangal Lake and in close proximity to the Papathy shola ('The Butterfly Forest') known for mass migration of butterflies in October and November. The camp has 6 luxury cottage tents - all furnished with large cots with comfortable mattresses, 4 large windows and en suite bathroom. The Camp has its own kitchen and will provide you with delicious ethnic food and a barbequed dinner on order. The large Gazebo with its inbuilt fire place for camp fires and comfortable camp chairs is the favourite meeting place to swap stories or spend a quiet day reading or just relaxing.

House By Lake - Muhamma

Secluded; tucked away; far from the madding crowd; tranquil; serene; bathed in quietude, held secret; are all synonymous with the House by the Lake, yet what's so special about this lakeside property is the fact that no other place perhaps, provides you such an idyllic ambience to read a book and forget everything!

Yes, everything disappears, even the wonderfully built house you stepped into fades into the background and while you immerse yourself into that paperback you always wanted to finish, you will be interrupted only by the occasional `kawkaw' of a crow or the sound of waves, gently slapping the lakeshore when a lone boatman wades across the expansive waters in front of you. Never has doing nothing been so enervating!

That's only one of the few moments when you are reminded of where you are, right on the lake front of Kerala's largest lake, the Vembanad Lake, far away from the usual tourist spots and situated in a quiet village in the middle of `God's Own country'.

House By Lake - Muhamma

Stanmore Garden

The Stanmore bungalow is a sprawling 7500 square feet British built bungalow located in Valparai, a plantation town on the fringes of the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. It has 3 large bedrooms, dressing rooms, modern toilets and boasts of fireplaces in all rooms. A verandah surrounds the entire bungalow and green lawns lie spread across the open courtyard like a proverbial carpet.

A quintessential British bungalow, it is also home to Malabar Giant squirrels and the occasional barking deer making its way across the lawn, heading for the vegetable garden behind the bungalow.

Its' palatial. Its' regal. For once you feel transported to a different era in time, a feeling of being an English Sahib. The white suited butler, the fireplace and the sprawling verandah with an expansive well maintained lawn and garden, finish the `awe-some' picture.

Stanmore Garden

Cloud Mountatin Bungalow, Meghamalai

Located at Meghamalai, a 6000 acre tea plantation equidistant from Madurai and Thekkadi, the Meghamalai Bungalow has all the characteristics of a British-built bungalow - fireplaces in all rooms, a portico, landscaped gardens and lawns, tall trees flanking the courtyard and tea gardens all around. What sets this bungalow apart is the proximity to the 7 km lake within the plantation and the orange trees beside the driveway.

Once the exclusive preserve of a group of plantations, Meghamalai today has become the cynosure of every tourist. Flanked on one side by the Periyar Tiger Reserve and on the other by the proposed Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, the Highwavys group of Estates lies in a geographic depression shaped like a bowl, bordered by rising mountain ranges on all sides with a 7 kilometer lake winding across itself.

The Serenity Topslip

The biggest sources of global warming causing gases in most homes come from heating, cooling, and electricity use for appliances and lighting.

So I have decided to build an pollution free home to fight with global warming. Finally I got my dream house "Serenity". Come here to Anamalai to feel the joy of calmness and pollution less surroundings. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can unwind your-self here for pure rejuvenation!

Annapara, Wayanad

Annapara is a boutique HIDE-AWAY in the lap of Nature. Located on a hillock, it enjoys a 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and valleys covered with evergreen tropical rain forests in different hues of green. In close vicinity of Chembra peak, the tallest in Wayanad! A place where your solitude is broken by the whistle of birds and the chatter of insects while you discover new depths in serenity! A God gave opportunity to appreciate the pristine natural beauty of Nature in God's Own Country.

Treks & Safaris

Anaerangal Lake Trek (6 hrs)

We will start our trek from the Anaerangal camp and move through forests towards the edge of the Anaerangal Lake. Snaking across a large area, this lake is placid and beautiful and a source of water for farmers downstream. Many tribal colonies here farm spices and cardamom which grow abundantly in the salubrious climate here. After a picnic lunch, trek back to camp. Everyone could enjoy a soft trek to the Anaerangal Lake and if lucky, you could spot some wild elephants. In addition this place is good for bird watching too.

Phantom Head Trek (3 hrs)

We will start our trek from the Anaerangal camp and move through the beautiful tea gardens and cardamom plantations. The trek to the Phantom head is rewarding. The high point will always be the sunset. Trek to phantom head peak to see the spectacular sunsets over the Sahyadri Mountains.

Meesapulimala Special Day Trek

Meesapulimala - one of the most beautiful and adventurous place in southern Kerala. This beautiful hilly area, surrounded by the thick forest and thick shrubs is well-known for the adventurous trekking and its own wildlife.

We will start our trek from "Munnar". Meet our Guide he will take you to silent Valley by jeep you can start your trek to Rhodo Valley Highlights trek through tea plantations, grassland, rhododendron trees, and natural streams. Highest possible trek route south to Himalayas, splendid views.Trek through the world's highest tea plantation, the Kollukkumala and reach Suryanelli by jeep